Hi Mahmood, thanks for taking part in this interview.  How’s training going for your return to Bamma?

All I am gonna say is I CAN’T wait to get back in the Octagon…

How old were you when you started training:

I was 6 years old when I have started WTF Taekwondo (Full Contact)

Who or what got you into Martial arts?

My hero, my dad use to get bullied in school & my dad said u need to start facing bullying & I did…

Why did you give up fighting?

After having my daughter (Layla) things got tough with my family, training, work, army  & hard to get a balance right so I thought I have to think about my family & giving up my fights & I were getting to fight against RANY SADDAH (Current Champion)

I remember I couldn’t concentrate during the fight & my coach during the round was asking me:

Do u even wanna fight???

My reply was:

don’t want it any more, & he replied:

Just get through the rounds!

So I did & was really happy for Ranny to win the fight…

What made you want to fight again?

After few month of having time off, I have realised how much I miss fighting & wanted so bad to get back to training…

Having more time to myself & my family I realised I have to encourage my step Daughter to do BJJ & her mum started taking her to Gracie Barra Nottingham!

Few weeks later got a message from one of the instructor Vanessa English that there is a bag in the gym & she think it belongs to my step daughter…

I was really upset & didn’t bother to go to training that night so I went home to talk to my partner…

When I asked her she replied I couldn’t find my step daughter bag & she didn’t think she was enjoying it!

Then she asked me why do I want her daughter to do BJJ & was asking if that has anything to do with me not making it to the Top in fighting or is that because I wanted to do that for sake of my own Daughter so when she gets older she can follow her older sister…!

I was speechless & had a week of thinking to do & didn’t wanna even go home after work…

When it came to the end I realised what a stupid mistake I have made to give up what I love (Fighting) & wanted so bad to show my daughter Daddy won’t give up & wanted to prove every one that I can still carry on fighting so moved away from Layla’s mum & have started finding myself again, this time without any distractions in my life!!!

What does a typical weeks training consist of for you when preparing for a fight?

Everyone has got their own way of training & do what works for me…

What do you find to be the most challenging thing about being a full time martial artist?

I am not, I only act to be one but unfortunately got keep my job to pay my bills & follow my dream…

Are you looking to eventually avenge your only loss in MMA against Rany Saadeh?

I take my days as it comes…  I have never trained in a full time & always had to work in the same time for preparing my fight…

Mostly never have had any support or decent sponsors so had to do every thing on my own…

Two years a go I didn’t wanna fight any more & in 6weeks time I am fighting again & God knows where I am gonna be by next year!

Do you feel a lot of pressure returning after having a break from competition?

Not at all, training is my life & can’t live without it…

Are you still training out of Rough House Nottingham? 

No, Rough House was my first camp & after a while didn’t feel like I am improving as there were no many flyweights &in the same time I needed to find some were to push me to my limits…

Finally combined two of my coaches Owen ‘Ice Man’ Comrie & Patrick Martin and it’s gonna be a awesome to have them both in my corner as I have trained with them for quite few years & they know me inside out…

What’s your favourite combination/signature move?

Haha I am sure u gonna see it in my next fight!!

What’s your best advice for novice fighters the day before/the day of a fight?

I ain’t no body to give advice to anyone, just never give up on anything…!

What do you like to do when you’re not training?

I am quite active, I love Running, Swimming, Skydiving, Skiing & busy with army & spending time with my daughter  ️ ️ ️

Anything else you would like to mention to your fans…

Wanna say thanks you for your support, can’t wait to get back in there… 🏼 🏼 🏼 🏼 🏼 🏼

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